Our Story

9th grade pre-algebra, circa 1995:
Cute boy sitting in class.  Ditzy girl at the desk in front of him asks him for paper, but doesn’t really notice him.  Repeats almost every day of that school year.  (He says she always asked him for help and said she didn’t get it.  She got an A in the class and he got a B.  Maybe she noticed him a little, after all.)

10th grade registration at the high school:
Girl gets class schedule, and is a little disappointed not to have classes with friends.  She tells her mom a boy she sort of knows is in her math class, and he’s nice.  This is where their friendship begins.

12th grade, 2 weeks before graduation:
Girl realizes she might have accidentally fallen in love with her best guy friend.  She breaks up with her boyfriend and figures out how to tell him.  Turns out, he had sort of been in love with her all along.

I love our story!  It has such a sweet beginning.  Unfortunately, it isn’t so sweet for a little while after that.  We got pretty lost in college and walked away from God.  He was so kind to keep us together and crazy about each other for those years, absolutely despite ourselves.  We got engaged in college, and got married after graduation.

The first two and a half years of marriage were HARD.  We bought a house and had a baby right away.  Obviously, we don’t regret those things, but it was a lot on our plates all at once.  We were both working, but still somehow barely managing to pay the bills or even be polite to each other.  Every chore and every dollar was a battle.  There was extended-family tension and illness, some pretty extreme debt, and post-partum depression.  It was a really difficult time.  There were times when we each wondered if we had made a mistake.  I remember saying at a friend’s wedding that December, “Don’t you sort of want to go tell them it’s all downhill from here?”

In January, we had a family wedding.  The bride and groom were so in love, and were getting off to such a different kind of start than we had.  The bride’s parents’ marriage was thriving and encouraging, too.  We talked and cried the whole way home, and decided to fix our marriage.

Some friends encouraged us to go to Family Life’s Weekend to Remember.  We learned so much about communication that weekend, and about God’s plan for marriage.  We confessed some things that needed confessing, and forgave each other.  We committed to start fresh, and asked the Lord to bless our marriage.

That was eight years ago, and He has blessed us so much more that we could have imagined!  We’re are more crazy about each other than we’ve ever been, and love every day we have together.  We have three beautiful children, and are starting the process to adopt our fourth child from China.  We’re out of consumer debt and living within our means.  We’re actively involved in several ministries at our church, and are thrilled to see the spiritual growth starting to happen in those ministries.  We are so thankful to have been given this second chance!


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