Our Timeline

We started off this journey by applying to the Ethiopia program on January 7, 2013.  We spent twelve months in that program, preparing our lives and hearts for an African daughter.  Due to many complex political and practical factors, we began to feel uneasy about the future of our adoption in the Ethiopia program.  After several weeks of intense prayer, research, and discussion with our social worker; we decided to withdraw from the Ethiopia program and proceed with a special needs adoption from China.  This is our China timeline.

January 28 – Submitted our application to the China program with AWAA.
February 3 – Accepted into China program.
February 6 – Mailed first round of China paperwork.
February 13 – Matched with new family coordinator.  Paper-chase begins.
March 20 – Physical updates
March 22 – Home Study Visit
May 2 – Most of our documents sent to Austin for state certification
May 7 – Home Study Update Complete!
May 20 – Mailed USCIS I800A application!
May 23 – More documents sent to Austin (3 originally rejected + 1 new document)
May 26 – Waiting Child Application & Special Needs Request submitted!
May 29 – Officially accepted into China’s Waiting Child program
June 12 – Mailed 1 document to be couriered to Chinese Consulate in DC
June 16 – Mailed 15 documents to be couriered to Chinese Consulate in Houston
June 17 – USCIS Biometrics Appointment
June 26 – Received our 15 documents back from the Consulate in Houston
July 3 – Received our Citizenship and Immigration Approval (I-797)!
July 7 – Walked our I-797 into the Secretary of State for Certification
July 22 – I-797 couriered to Consulate with expedited service
July 24 – Received I-797 in the mail from Houston
July 24 – Mailed dossier to AWAA!
August 1 – Dossier To China!
August 12 – Log In Date
September 29 – Received our Referral!!
October 17 – Decision made, we found our girl!
October 22 – Our official Letter of Intent was sent to China.
December 1 – Notified by our agency that our LOA was on its way
December 3 – Received our LOA and mailed our I800 to USCIS
December 18 – Re-sent I800 to USCIS (due to USPS mishap)
December 31 – I800 Approved

January 5 – Received I800 Approval in the mail
January 7 – Received GUZ# and Submitted DS260!
January 15 – Article 5 Drop Off
February 5 – Article 5 Pick Up
February 13 – Travel Approval!!!!!!

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