Our Prayer Requests

I am updating our prayer requests to reflect the changes and progress we’ve made in this process.  It would mean so much to us if you would pray along with us.  If you would like us to pray with and/or for you, please comment or email us.

1.  Most importantly, please pray that God will be glorified through this process and that people in our lives who don’t know Him will see His hand in all of this, and will want to know more about who He is.

2.  Please pray for Fu Mei.  Pray that she will be getting the best possible nutrition and care; and that someone will show her consistent love and affection, which will better prepare her to accept them from us.  Pray for her special needs – that if she has another surgery between now and when we get her, that she will have recover well and that she will be able to recover in a place where they will take wonderful care of her.  Pray for her possible club foot surgery to be successful, and for her hands to not cause her any pain.

3.  Please pray for our adoption funding.  We are now raising money for travel and an orphanage donation that is made in China.  The combined total is over $20,000.  People have been so generous and kind with donations, and we are thankful!  God has worked, and we see it and praise Him.  There is a long way to go in a short amount of time, and we need prayer from everyone to be able to go get our girl – so she can have the family, love, and medical treatment she urgently needs.

4.  Please pray for our family.  Pray that we will strengthen our current family bonds as much as possible before the strain that is always going to happen by adding a new family member.  Pray that we will be able to fill up each of our kids with love and security, and be able to spend as much special time with each of them before we leave for China.  Also, for our marriage, that it will continue to strive be strong, passionate, selfless, and centered on a Biblical model.  We’re also praying specifically for our marriage for the time we are in China – that we will pull together and lean on each other when we’re jetlagged, tired, stressed, and overwhelmed.  We pray it will be an intense time of growth for our relationship, and that we’ll be deliberate about being loving, respectful, kind, and gentle with each other.

5. Please pray for Fu Mei’s birth family. We cannot imagine the circumstances under which they would feel like not raising their daughter would be the best option. Life there is so different from life here, and we do not judge them, but we are sad for them. We pray that they will somehow have peace that their daughter will be cherished and well cared for in a family, and that someone will share the gospel with them.

(Updated 12/20/14)

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