Christmas Ornament Fundraiser

Hello, friends from NHBO!  Thanks for coming to check out our fundraiser.  If you choose to make a donation towards our adoption, THANK YOU!  We are not always notified of donations right away, so please also email me at to let me know that you’ve made a donation and to give me your mailing address if you’d like one of the ornaments.  I will send the ornaments out as soon as I get the information.  Feel free to look around at our blog and email me with any questions you have.  All of the donation details are below.  Thank you for your prayers and support, and Merry Christmas!

Our amazing friend, Ethiopia Dad, made these beautiful ornaments for us to use to do a little fundraising before the holidays.  His vision was that just by donating, you’d be living out James 1:27 along with us.  It is a limited edition right now, but if we run out, we can order more before Christmas.  This little beauty can hang on your Christmas tree, (or anywhere else, for that matter), with some simple red ribbon, with a minimum donation of $25.  (If I’ll need to ship yours, it will be $28.)  If you see me in person, you’re welcome to bring me a check or cash, but let me know that you’re interested, so I know to save one for you.  If you’d like, you can make your donation directly to our agency.  That information, along with our Paypal details, can be found on our Donation Information page.  If you make an online donation, please let me know, in case I don’t get notified right away.  You can comment here, or email me, with questions or orders.

Thank you so much for being a part of our daughter’s adoption journey!  We’re so thankful for the community she’ll be a part of when she gets here.


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