music, 2013

Our sweet, funny, surprisingly profound friend, David, recently quipped that, “when listening to music, there are only two types of people – those that let it touch them and those that simply know it’s playing!”

We are definitely music people.  We’ve both been enrolled in music classes of various types from very early childhood through our college graduations.  When I hear some songs, I transport back to an important event or time in my life and can be immediately moved to tears and/or laughter.  I can listen to the same song over and over for hours or even days, (which used to make my longsuffering mother crazy,) and not get tired of it.

Today, in church, the music was so powerful and just perfect for whatever it is that is happening with me right now.  Several times I found myself choking back tears and wanting to raise my hands (which I really never do and probably need to pray about).

My husband is out of town, and when I got home, I sent him this email to tell him about it:

We sang “Forever Reign,” at the beginning, and the line, “You are Peace, You are Peace, when my fear is crippling,” got me.  Then the chorus of that song is, “I’m running to your arms, I’m running to your arms.  The riches of your love will always be enough.  Nothing compares to your embrace.  Light of the world, forever reign.”
Then it transitioned into How Great is Our God, which is always one of my favorite praise songs.
Then it transitioned to How Great Thou Art, which made me really emotional because I’ve been singing that to [our daughter] every night for a couple of weeks, and it has been really meaningful to me as I’ve been singing it to her.  
The song during response time and at the end was Who Can Satisfy/There is a Fountain, and the chorus is:
There is a Fountain, Who is the King
Victorious Warrior and Lord of Everything
My Rock, My Shelter, My Very Own
Blessed Redeemer, Who Reigns Upon The Throne
I’m just feeling so strongly right now that God is so much bigger than our hesitations and our concerns about finances and our bad decisions in the past (like my student loans,etc), and negativity from people.  He is not the sweet little warm fuzzy Jesus that we light to think about – he is a VICTORIOUS WARRIOR!  He will win this battle and defeat Satan!  And he wants us to get up off our butts and help him.  And I’m so excited that I get to join in!  I’m so eager to do what he wants us to do!  I’m so ready to say BRING IT!  Which is scary, because I was reading somewhere that making these kinds of drastic steps, like adoption, is DECLARING WAR ON SATAN and he will not like that and will fight you.  But God is bigger.  He will bless our efforts.  And there really isn’t anything he can do to us, because God wins!  I have no doubt that Satan will attack our marriage.  But I believe that if we cling to each other and to Jesus that he will fail.   We will not be a statistic.  We will be a light in this dark world.
I’m just so eager to see where God is going to take my family in 2013.  God is on the throne.  I’ve read the end, and He wins.  But we do live in a dark, scary world – a world where children live in trash dumps and where men shoot entire classrooms full of first graders.  We simply don’t have time to mess around worrying about what people think or whether or not we have enough cute outfits for our kids or whatever other silly thing.  It’s time to get busy.