my God is so big

Two months ago, we prayed, “God, we need $8,000 right now.  This is impossible without You.”  We had almost the entirety of my husband’s mission trip to pay for, and we’ve been hoping all along to send our Dossier, with its $8,450 payment, in September.  We needed $8,000 immediately.  And then someone went to bat for us and most of the money for the mission trip just appeared.  And then someone offered to give us their car to sell for the adoption.  And then we got several donations to Project Puzzle Piece.  And then we got permission from our agency to pay half of the payment, get reimbursed by my husband’s adoption benefit, and then pay the second half of the payment.

Here we are, in September, with a Dossier that is just missing one piece of paper (which should be on its way very shortly), and we’re only a few hundred dollars short of that payment.  I set an arbitrary, probably unreasonable, totally wishful thinking date of September months ago, and we’re going to mail our Dossier within just a few weeks of that.

I’m overwhelmed.  We asked God to be big, and to do something impossible.  And He is.



We’ve got the edges all matched up and ready to be sponsored! Like I said would happen, my husband sat down and finished the edges in about 10 minutes, when I had been working on it for an hour. It’s a pretty tricky puzzle, though – some of the edge pieces don’t even look like edges! And some that look like edges aren’t!

Any predictions on what the puzzle is?

Project Puzzle Piece, week 2 recap!

Project Puzzle Piece, week 2 recap!

We had some more donations this week, and some other encouraging news on the fundraising front. THANK YOU to our awesome family members and long-time family friend for their sweet donations this week!

Someone contacted us about a really neat fundraising opportunity during the holidays, and we got some good news about my husband’s mission trip fundraising. We sort of desperately prayed, “God, we need $8,000 pretty much right now. Obviously, we can’t do this. Can you please do this?” And He is! Slowly (by our silly standards), but in His perfect timing.

We DID get our “favorable determination” from USCIS! That usually takes much longer! For a lot of people, that is the last piece before they send in their Dossiers. For us, money is going to be the last piece, but we’re getting there. We are moving forward with a couple of other documents this week, and hoping to send the Dossier in September. We shall see!

Project Puzzle Piece, week 1 summary!

Project Puzzle Piece, week 1 summary!

We’ve had several really sweet donations for Project Puzzle Piece! We’re excited to start putting the puzzle together – I have the outside edge about 75% done. I’m actually not great at puzzles.  Thankfully my husband is great at them, and we’re hoping to work on it some tonight.

We talked at my Ladies Bible Study this morning about Ruth waiting for Boaz’s answer and then waiting for Boaz to talk to the other man who could potentially be her kinsman redeemer. The study materials referenced how sometimes in a period of wait, we’re called to earnestly fast, pray, and work through the wait. Other times, we’re called to relax, rely on God, and let Him carry our burden.

I’m not really sure yet what sort of wait we’re being called for in the long-run with this adoption. I guess right now, there is work to do, so right now we’re in a working wait. Later in the process may be a resting wait. Both are hard for me (and probably everyone). I can’t see the big picture and my human nature only wants answers and progress when I want it – which is now.

We believe God is sovereign and already knows our little girl before she is even born. The days of her life are already known to him. He can clearly see every step of this adoption until the perfectly right child is in our arms. Every delay in my ideal timeline may be needed to get the right child into our home at the right time. I’m trying hard to choose to trust Him to redeem any delays that are a result of our sinful world, and to bless the process and all involved.

But, for now, we work in the wait. So, big thanks to the awesome people who donated this week! We appreciate you! And anyone who hasn’t been able to donate, but has shared the link or has prayed for us – we appreciate that so much, too. THANK YOU!

Edited to add:  Hello, new readers!  If you ended up here for the first time today, there is some info about our story, our prayer requests, and donation information on the left sidebar!

Project Puzzle Piece

Fundraising for adoption is such a big job!  It would absolutely not be possible for us without a bunch of faith and a bunch of community generosity. It’s public information that the next step of fees for our adoption is $8,450. We have about $3,000 of that available right now. That money has come from a variety of places – savings, extra jobs we’ve picked up, donations, Origami Owl sales, etc. So, as of right now, we have an almost-completed Dossier, without the funds to send it.

We’ve prayed and prayed about what to do, and then a sweet friend approached us with an idea:

“Wouldn’t it be neat to have people sponsor puzzle pieces from a special 500 piece puzzle for $10 a piece?”

Of course, that is pretty much exactly how much funding we need to raise right this minute! We’ve bought a beautiful 550 piece puzzle, and we would love for you to consider sponsoring one or more pieces for $10 each! We will write the name of the sponsoring person, family, or organization on the back of each piece and put the puzzle together as we go. When we’re finished, we’ll frame it in double-sided glass, and have a beautiful, visual testimony of God using the people in our lives to work together to bring our sweet girl home.


So, what do you think? Can you sponsor one or more pieces? Can you share the link with someone you think might be interested? Can you pray for Project Puzzle Piece? We appreciate your support more than you will ever know.

There is a link in the left side bar with Donation Information.  Obviously, if you see us in person, you’re welcome to hand us cash or a check, if you’re more comfortable with that.

Let’s get this Dossier to Ethiopia!