30 days

In the China adoption world, people spend a lot of time talking about all the different wait times.  Honestly, it is all very confusing to me, and I don’t really keep up with the numbers.  One thing I do know, though, is that we’re on day 30 of our “LOA wait.”  The average wait for LOA (Letter of Acceptance from China) seems to be around 60-70 days, so we’re about halfway there!  I’m trying not to have expectations, but also sort of thinking it would make a nice Christmas gift.

Speaking of Christmas, it is my favorite time of year!  I can’t wait to put the tree up.  We’re doing the Jesse Tree this year, and I’m really excited to get started on it.  My MOPS group did a swap to make the ornaments, and I think it’s really neat that I have handmade ornaments from my dearest friends who have walked beside me through this crazy season of my life.  What a special keepsake to have.  I will probably post about the Jesse Tree again, but if you’ve never heard of it, check out Pinterest and see some of the ornaments.  I haven’t been great about doing advent with the kids, but I’m hoping this year, we can all be deliberate about preparing our hearts for the Savior!

30 days from today will be December 21.  Stay tuned!


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