what’s in a dossier, part 2

Last year, I posted what was in our dossier for Ethiopia.  Since our China dossier is en route to our agency now (yay!), I thought I’d post what’s in this one, too.  Just in case anyone is curious.  I know I was before we started dossier building.

Here are my codes:
N – Notarized
SC – State Certified
EA – Chinese Embassy Authenticated

Application Letter (N, SC, & EA)
Birth Certificates (SC & EA)
Marriage License (SC & EA)
Employment Letter (N, SC, & EA)
Letter of Non-Employment (N, SC, & EA)
Financial Statement (N, SC, & EA)
Physical Exam Forms (N, SC, & EA)
Doctor Letter (N, SC, & EA)
Police Background Checks (N, SC, & EA)
Home Study (N, SC, & EA)
3 Letters of Reference (N, SC, & EA)
Notarized Copy of our I-797 Approval (N, SC, & EA)
Copies of our Passports
3 Family Photo Pages
2 passport sized photos for each of us

So, a few less documents than Ethiopia, but way more hoops to jump through for each document.  If you want more info about the Family Photo Pages, you can click here.  Like I said in the other post, if you’re about to start the adoption process, don’t start gathering documents yet.  Strange as it may sound, they do expire very quickly.


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