so much better than hawaii.

We recently had our 10th anniversary. Over the years, when we thought we’d have “more money” by our 10th anniversary (whatever that even means), we imagined we might go to Hawaii for our 10th, or drive up the California coastline, which I really want to do someday.

But, here we are, with a toddler who has hardly ever been away from her mama, and in the middle of an international adoption. We’re living on a very strict budget day-to-day, and have just enough in our adoption account for our next payment and the postage to get it there.

I asked my husband to just be in charge of it. I was overwhelmed and didn’t even know what I wanted to do.

He found a guest house at an amazing ranch, driving distance (and close to grandparents!), for really cheap. We hiked, swam, read, explored, tubed the Guadalupe, window shopped, ate great food, lounged in the hot tub, and just enjoyed three solid days and nights of each other.  It was wonderful. It was totally not what I would have planned, and probably about 200x better because of it.

I looked up at him at some point during the trip and said,
“This is so much better than Hawaii.”

Living life with him is the greatest gift I could ever want.
anniversary pizap

“Love’s flames are fiery flames – the fiercest of all. Mighty waters cannot extinguish love; rivers cannot sweep it away.” Song of Solomon 8:6-7


3 thoughts on “so much better than hawaii.

  1. I promise I’m not a creeper, and this is going to sound really weird, but I’ve been praying for *someone* who might have some answers to a few questions that my husband and I have about international adoption and (this is the crazy not-a-creeper-I-promise part) but I stumbled across your blog today and I swear we have so much in common it weirds me out a little. haha Anyway, my name is Karey, I live in Oregon with my amazing husband and our four bio kids. Our blog is We’ve been praying about and feeling let to international adoption but have *practical* questions that I can’t seem to find the answers to from agency sights (AWAA is top of our list to go through as well!). Anyway, if you want to email me so I can pick your brain I would totally appreciate it! 🙂

    Oh, and happy anniversary! 10 years is a huge milestone!


    email: jeffandkarey@gmailDOTcom

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