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When we were waiting for the go-ahead to start dossier building the first time around, I remember searching like crazy on blogs to find out what pictures we’d need for our photo pages.  Different agencies and different countries have different requirements.  Here’s what our agency wanted for China (and for Ethiopia – just one minor difference between the two).

We had to have two posed photos of everyone in the family.  Everyone needs to be looking at the camera, and everyone (other than little bitties) needs to be smiling.  It doesn’t have to be a professional photo shoot, but does need to have a “posed” look to it.  These were the most stressful for me, and I’m not 100% thrilled with ours, but I know I’m pickier about my hair, my double chins, and the kids’ smiles than anyone else would be!  Here are the pics we are using for China:

For China, we need 2 pictures that are a little more casual, and for Ethiopia, we needed 4 casual pics.  These need to include several members of the family, and need to be more relaxed and fun, hopefully doing something fun together as a family.  Here are the ones we’re using for China:

Then we need a picture of the main living area of our home with the whole room in the frame, and a pic of the whole front of our home/yard.  Our agency specifies that no people be in either of these shots, but I know other agencies have slightly different requirements for this.  I’ve seen some with the family posed in front of the house, etc.  I took a picture of our living room right before our first home study visit, so it was probably the cleanest its been since we moved here!  We’ve moved a couple of pieces of furniture around, but it basically still looks like this:

If anyone happens upon our blog looking for what kinds of pictures to start trying to take, I hope this helps!


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