a year ago

a year ago

Remember, a year ago when my baby boy busted his sweet, perfect, angelic face, got 9 stitches, and refused to smile, speak, or take the band-aid off* for a week? This is the same kid in the same shirt at the same zoo a year later. Smiling again and looking way too long and lean for this mama’s heart.

I have to admit, though, sometimes when he smiles, all I can see is the scar. It makes me really sad. I know, in the realm of things that can happen to children, this is really nothing. But I still wish I could un-do it.

*Note: I must have bribed him to take off the bandaid for that picture. I remember I said, “Smile, baby!” and he said (without moving his lips in the saddest voice of all time), “I am smiling.”


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