I was telling my husband the other night that it feels like I’ve been pregnant for 16 months. With another 12+ months to go, most likely. When there isn’t paperwork to work on, I still feel like I want to DO SOMETHING (anything) to move toward the adoption, so today I made these. I let my sweet baby girl help me pick out some fabrics for “Mei Mei,” (which means baby sister in Mandarin). Princess Pie loves cats and all things pink, so this is what we ended up with. They’re really imperfect – I’m not a, “measure twice, cut once,” kind of gal. But, I think Mei Mei will like them fine. Several different textures for her to explore. If we get to send a care package at some point, maybe I’ll send one ahead of time, or maybe save them both for when we go get her.

I’m also making a fun dress for the current only-princess. She helped me choose some other fabrics, too. I’m a TOTAL beginner at sewing, so we’ll see how it turns out. Going to the fabric store with her is really fun, though. I love that she’s getting old enough to have girl time. She’ll gasp, “Ohhhh, I love it! This one is my FAVORITE!” I’m loving every minute of it!


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