what we’ve been up to, april & may edition

what we've been up to, april & may edition

The last few weeks have been a blur of end-of-year activities, baseball, park adventures, rainbow loom bracelets, paper chasing, and birthday parties. It’s been fun and busy, but I’m ready for the relaxed summer schedule. My son has one more week of school, and then I’ll officially have a 3rd grader and a preK-er! Craziness! Last summer, I got a little overly ambitious with our Summer Bucket List, so I’m hoping this summer will be pretty easy-going, with a few fun structured activities and lots of casual playdates thrown in. That’s my kind of routine! One of my little darlings needs a bit more structure than I prefer, so we’ll just have to be flexible and play it by ear somewhat. We have a few behavior things we need to focus on (talking back, anyone?!), and will work on some family scripture memorization, too. I need to brainstorm and get a little organized before next Friday!

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