mother’s day

Mother’s Day can be such a heavy day.  There are so many broken hearts and empty arms.  I thought a lot today about our future daughter’s birth mom.  We don’t know yet who our daughter is, but we do know that she is most likely already born and probably living in an orphanage.  Here in North America, it’s hard to wrap our minds around the desperation that people are living in in other parts of the world.  I can only guess at the circumstances that would lead our daughter to be abandoned, but none of them are short of heartbreaking.

There are lots of beautiful posts on this, and I’m not really to a place where I can fully understand the complexity of all of this yet, since the only children in my home right now grew in my belly.  But, it’s on my mind.  Here are some others for you to read, if you’re interested:

Ellie Stumbo – To My Daughter’s Biological Mother

Difference for One – Open Letter to my Son’s Birth Mom

A Moment Cherished – For Her on Mother’s Day

So thankful for these precious 3 and the blessing of being their mom.


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