God is good!

Three weeks ago, I wrote that two documents were making me crazy.  One of them has been mostly settled for a couple of weeks, and we’re just waiting to get that one correctly notarized.  The other one…has been an almost constant source of frustration for weeks!  In real time, several weeks may not seem like a very long time, but in the dossier-building world, it feels like a long time!  It’s hard not to think every day about how there’s a little girl sitting in an orphanage whose life may be literally on the line waiting for me to gather documents.  I know that train of thought isn’t particularly helpful, but that’s what pops into my head at 3 am!  Ultimately, I know God is sovereign over the timing of everything, and will make our path straight.

Anyway!  I have an update!  We’ve been waiting to send our documents to get state certified on this ONE piece of paper for weeks.  I started to pray specifically for a certain resolution that I believed to be incredibly unlikely – that one party involved would completely reverse its previous statement in regards to this document.  I’ve prayed this for several days, and today I got an email that that exact thing happened!  We can move forward again!  As soon as my husband and I can find a time to go get a document notarized together, we’ll have all of the papers we need to send for state certification and for our social worker to complete the update to our home study!

Hallelujah!  God is so good!


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