getting real about money

Can we get real about money?

We lost some when we switched countries.  And China Waiting Child adoptions are usually very quick.  Which is good, but scary, because that means we need a whole lot of money really, really fast.

I didn’t want some person considering adoption somewhere to be reading my statements about trusting in God’s provision and think that he/she is somehow unworthy because he/she is worrying about money.

So, here’s the bottom line:  I’m unworthy, too.  I do trust in God’s provision.  Or, possibly more accurately, I’m trying hard to trust 100% in God’s provision.  But it’s something I have to work at.

Right this minute, we’re looking at needing almost 2/3 of our annual income for the adoption in the next 10 months.  That’s intense, y’all.  I have to be really deliberate about taking my thoughts captive (2 Cor. 10:5) every single day, sometimes every single hour, sometimes even more often than that.  Adoption is possibly the ultimate lesson in knowing that I cannot be in control of everything.

Last July, we prayed earnestly that we needed $8,000 very quickly.  We got every cent of it right when we needed it.  (Here’s a link to that blog post.)

God does have a plan, and He will provide.  I believe part of his plan is for us to be creative. I also believe part of his plan is for us to be willing to ask for help.  I believe lots of the money will be hard-fought for, and lots of the money will be a total surprise.   We’ve already had some of those total surprises, and they’re incredible, and remind us that He is big.  If we didn’t need His help, how would we ever learn that we can’t do it without him?  (Isaiah 55:8-11, Matthew 10:29)


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