you know you have an awesome social worker when…

you know you have an awesome social worker when...

I’ve been fairly wound up about everything adoption related lately. I’m trying to live up to my word of the year (STILL) and succeeding at some times, while failing miserably at others. I emailed and called several places this week for information and didn’t get anything returned before the weekend. Ethiopia was supposed to make an announcement this week and didn’t.

Finally, this Friday afternoon at 5:20 DC time (where our agency is located), when I knew that I wasn’t going to hear another word from anyone until Tuesday at the earliest, I emailed our social worker and told her what I was thinking. I do sometimes send her anxious emails (usually at 2 am – it’s our running joke, because she is often also up emailing at 2 am), but this one was mostly factual.

Just before Wild Kratts time (when our kids would all be distracted!), she called me, and we talked for quite a while.

You know you have an awesome social worker when you get off the phone with her feeling much more sane, relaxed, and like you just talked with a friend who “gets” you.

Are you reading this, awesome social worker? I’m thankful for you.

So, there still isn’t a plan, but we’re working toward one in a way that doesn’t make me want to have a panic attack. I’m back at a place now where I can BE STILL.


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