(it’s a tie.)

(it's a tie.)

A mentor/friend of mine recommends keeping a special journal to write notes back and forth with your kids. She suggests starting it as soon as they can write, so that by the time there’s sensitive pre-teen and teen type stuff, it will already be established. My oldest and I have done it off and on. Our journal was lost for a while, but he got in major trouble and had to deep clean their room… finding the journal right at a time when he probably needed to be reminded that I really do unconditionally love him.

One of the girls we carpool with worked on a code from a friend the whole way home today, and inspired me to send this note back to my older son tonight.

What do you do to keep communication lines open with your kids? Do you know your kids’ love languages? What creative ways are you trying to speak to those? (This is hard for me!)

Chime in, please!


One thought on “(it’s a tie.)

  1. What an amazing idea. I journaled ever since I can remember, but never with my parents. I wish I had. I will most definitely do this with McKinley. Thank you for sharing this!

    As for languages right now, McKinley and I use sign language a lot. I can tell though– that art will be her language and story.

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