my God is so big

Two months ago, we prayed, “God, we need $8,000 right now.  This is impossible without You.”  We had almost the entirety of my husband’s mission trip to pay for, and we’ve been hoping all along to send our Dossier, with its $8,450 payment, in September.  We needed $8,000 immediately.  And then someone went to bat for us and most of the money for the mission trip just appeared.  And then someone offered to give us their car to sell for the adoption.  And then we got several donations to Project Puzzle Piece.  And then we got permission from our agency to pay half of the payment, get reimbursed by my husband’s adoption benefit, and then pay the second half of the payment.

Here we are, in September, with a Dossier that is just missing one piece of paper (which should be on its way very shortly), and we’re only a few hundred dollars short of that payment.  I set an arbitrary, probably unreasonable, totally wishful thinking date of September months ago, and we’re going to mail our Dossier within just a few weeks of that.

I’m overwhelmed.  We asked God to be big, and to do something impossible.  And He is.


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