Project Puzzle Piece, week 2 recap!

Project Puzzle Piece, week 2 recap!

We had some more donations this week, and some other encouraging news on the fundraising front. THANK YOU to our awesome family members and long-time family friend for their sweet donations this week!

Someone contacted us about a really neat fundraising opportunity during the holidays, and we got some good news about my husband’s mission trip fundraising. We sort of desperately prayed, “God, we need $8,000 pretty much right now. Obviously, we can’t do this. Can you please do this?” And He is! Slowly (by our silly standards), but in His perfect timing.

We DID get our “favorable determination” from USCIS! That usually takes much longer! For a lot of people, that is the last piece before they send in their Dossiers. For us, money is going to be the last piece, but we’re getting there. We are moving forward with a couple of other documents this week, and hoping to send the Dossier in September. We shall see!


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