Project Puzzle Piece, week 1 summary!

Project Puzzle Piece, week 1 summary!

We’ve had several really sweet donations for Project Puzzle Piece! We’re excited to start putting the puzzle together – I have the outside edge about 75% done. I’m actually not great at puzzles.  Thankfully my husband is great at them, and we’re hoping to work on it some tonight.

We talked at my Ladies Bible Study this morning about Ruth waiting for Boaz’s answer and then waiting for Boaz to talk to the other man who could potentially be her kinsman redeemer. The study materials referenced how sometimes in a period of wait, we’re called to earnestly fast, pray, and work through the wait. Other times, we’re called to relax, rely on God, and let Him carry our burden.

I’m not really sure yet what sort of wait we’re being called for in the long-run with this adoption. I guess right now, there is work to do, so right now we’re in a working wait. Later in the process may be a resting wait. Both are hard for me (and probably everyone). I can’t see the big picture and my human nature only wants answers and progress when I want it – which is now.

We believe God is sovereign and already knows our little girl before she is even born. The days of her life are already known to him. He can clearly see every step of this adoption until the perfectly right child is in our arms. Every delay in my ideal timeline may be needed to get the right child into our home at the right time. I’m trying hard to choose to trust Him to redeem any delays that are a result of our sinful world, and to bless the process and all involved.

But, for now, we work in the wait. So, big thanks to the awesome people who donated this week! We appreciate you! And anyone who hasn’t been able to donate, but has shared the link or has prayed for us – we appreciate that so much, too. THANK YOU!

Edited to add:  Hello, new readers!  If you ended up here for the first time today, there is some info about our story, our prayer requests, and donation information on the left sidebar!


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