little art project

We were perfectly content in our 1200 square foot house, when God dropped this 2000 square foot one in our laps to make room for this baby #4 that we didn’t know we were going to have.  It needed quite a bit of TLC.  We tried hard to use what we already had to furnish and decorate it, and really haven’t had to buy much!  One spot that needed a little something, though, was the kids’ bathroom.  It’s also our guest bath, so we wanted to keep it neutral.  We painted the walls one of our favorite colors – Valspar Moose Mousse, and added simple white and tan accents.  The kids’ towel hooks will be on one wall, but we still needed something on the wall above the toilet.  (We must be good friends now – we’re talking about toilets.)

I got some cheap canvases at Walmart, and mixed up some acrylic paint I already had to make the perfect color.
DSC_0147 DSC_0150

I had a little helper assist me in painting the canvases this solid tan.

After it had completely dried, we put these doilies on top of the canvases and spray painted the whole thing white.  We waited just about 20 seconds for the paint to set, and then removed the doilies.


Ta da!  A cheap wall project (under $15) with just a hint of ethnic flair.  Perfect!

I got my original inspiration about a year ago from this site:


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