just a little update

Hello!  We had a sort of dreary week, weather-wise, but it finally cleared up this afternoon.  (Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy it because a certain someone had three apology letters to write, but at least he got them finished in time to get a little sunshine at baseball practice.)

We’ve been busy.  We finished our Hague training, and printing those certificates was so satisfying!  We really did learn a lot, though, and are already implementing some of it with our kiddos.  It’s been neat to see my husband really buy-in to most of what they were saying.  He’s sort of a manly, good-ol-boy type, so I wasn’t sure how it would all go, but he seems totally on board and ready to try some new strategies, and he really sees why those things would be imperative with a grieving child.  I married a good one, y’all!  So thankful for him.

We also had our physicals, although we don’t have any results back yet, and still have to go in Monday for our TB tests, and then again Wednesday to have them read.  Then just a couple of loose ends (letter from my other doctor, cat vaccines, a couple of notarizations, and a life insurance detail), and we will be READY to mail in our home study paperwork!  That is also a good chunk of the dossier paperwork, so that is exciting.  Once we’re done with the home study, we will wait to get fingerprinted with Homeland Security and then wait for them to approve us, and finish up our other dossier documents during that waiting period.  Moving forward!

Of course, to submit our dossier, we have to have the next step of fees, which are pretty intimidating.  We’re almost half-way to having that ready, thanks to lots of good Origami Owl sales (thank you!), some very sweet donations (thank you!), and the great adoption benefits through my husband’s company.  That other half seems scary to me when I’m thinking about it at one in the morning, but I know God has miraculously provided what we’ve got so far and will continue to provide in amazing ways.

One way he’s providing is with the Double Dave’s Pizza fundraiser!  We’re looking at mid-May, so if you live near us and want to come, ask me for the details.  We’re going to spread the word like crazy and try to pack that place!

The plans for this weekend mostly revolve around church, friends/family, and baseball.  Our favorite kind of weekend!

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