crunch time

We had a brilliant plan.  We didn’t have the money to send in our home study, so we were going to work hard on our checklist so it would be ready when we finally got the money together.

God had a different plan!  The money is going to be available as of tomorrow (which is amazing – hallelujah!), and we still have LOTS do on the checklist.  So much for our plan!

So, now we feel a little frantic.  (Okay, I feel a little frantic.  My sweet husband doesn’t really do frantic.)  We have been working hard on it, but still have an awful lot to do.  I just sent him an email with to do lists for us each for today and tomorrow.

For your ‘entertainment,’ here are a few snippets:

-a few more pages of the home study application (can you please print it again?)
-several forms we just need to print and sign
-neither one of us is totally finished with our questionnaire 
-police station criminal background check (I will work on that today)
-copies of our DL and SS
-guardianship statement form (yikes, this one stresses me out)
-all of our doctor appointments
– proof we own our home
-copies of our birth certificates and marriage license
-pet vaccination proof
-copy of our 2012 taxes
-copy of our financial paper from the dossier checklist
sketch of our floorplan (that’s all you, baby cakes)
-reference letters distributed (can you call them today?)
-order and read the last few books
-10 hours of online training
I’m going to try to hook up my printer today and help you print and copy (unless you let me know that you just happen to be sitting somewhere with a printer and have some free time – I realize the chances of you having free time at work are VERY SLIM).  I will call about dr appts for the kids.  I will check on cheap cat vaccinations. I will try to run by the vet to get a copy of Skeeter’s (our dog) shots.  I will go by the police station.  What else?

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