baby steps!

Today we sent in a bunch of paperwork and fees to move to the next step in the adoption process!  I would love for all of this to be moving more quickly, but I’m trusting God’s timing.  Within about a week, we should be set up with a Family Coordinator and be able to get started with the home study process and assembling our dossier.  Because that isn’t intimidating or anything!  Ha!  But, I’m excited to be taking steps forward, even if they’re small ones.

Photo230-1 Photo231

Some news on the fundraising front – there are several small/medium things in the works right now.  It’s exciting to see people getting involved and willing to help us.  Obviously, I would really love to just be able to write a giant check, but that isn’t what’s going to happen at this point!  God’s plan is for more people to be involved in our adoption story than just us, and we’re thankful for His sovereignty.  Again – baby steps!

Thanks to those of you who have helped or offered to help with any part of this!  Every donation given, every Origami Owl party hosted, every t-shirt or necklace purchased, and every email sent to a potentially helpful contact is really such a blessing to us and is moving us forward toward bringing home our sweet baby #4.  Thank you!  And thanks to everyone who is praying – that means so much to us, and we have felt the Holy Spirit moving with your prayers!  Thank you!


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