fun little craft

I saw this craft online a while ago, and it reminded me of something I did as a preteen.  I loved it then, and thought it was pretty great now, too!  I made little Africa shaped paper ornaments that are scented and have seeds inside – so they’re plantable.  It took most of the evening, but I was also putting kids to bed, and if you just wanted to make one batch it could be a lot quicker.  A couple of heads up before you go check out the directions – you do need some sort of screen or mold to press them into, and she recommends using a blender that you won’t also be using for food.  I didn’t know those things in advance, so I had to get a little creative.  (Is it called creativity to take the torn screen door off of the sunroom and use it to press scented seed papers?!)

Anyway, here are the basic steps, and you can get more detailed directions here, where I found my directions.

They turned out really cute!  We’re going to use them to tuck in our adoption thank you notes.  I hope people will like them!


Photo096 Photo097 Photo098


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