fruit of the Spirit is self control

Here’s the picture that is currently hanging all over our church on the poster for the new Life Group that we’ll be leading. I realized after I sent that pic that I should have sent a current pic, because I am just making sure EVERYONE knows that I haven’t lost all of my baby weight yet, just in case they hadn’t already noticed. Sheesh.

I have struggled with my weight since I stopped playing soccer in high school.  I have gained and lost over a hundred pounds more than once.  I gained a lot of weight with each baby, and I did eventually lose all of it with the boys. I haven’t lost the baby weight from my daughter’s pregnancy yet.  Now that she’s one, I’m realizing I can’t really call it baby weight anymore!

I signed up with Curves, which was a splurge for us, and I was great about going at first, but lost my steam over the holidays and haven’t been able to get back on track.  As I was falling asleep last night, I thought, “I could go every day if I got up early…”  This morning, as we were waking up, my husband said, “You know, you could go every day if you got up early.”

Okay, okay, I get the message!  So, starting tomorrow (or maybe Friday, since my husband has a job interview tomorrow and I want to make him a good breakfast and be available if he needs me), I am going to get my plus-sized tush out of bed and get to the gym.  And start counting calories again.  It’s almost my birthday, and I’m 30 pounds heavier than I was on my birthday two years ago (when that picture was taken).  Hopefully I can be even thinner than that picture by my birthday next year!

The fruit of the Spirit is…self control!  I am going to work on it!  Are you working on it, too?  Tell me about it!


4 thoughts on “fruit of the Spirit is self control

  1. Me too Megan! Self control is so hard. I have an old fit picture up on my mirror and Ava saw it and thought it was Katherine! She couldn’t tell it was me. I’ve been working out every day and though I don’t see much difference on the scale, I feel happier, healthier and have way more energy. That’s the reminder I try and tell myself when I feel discouraged! Well be praying for your self-control too! Love you 🙂

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