birthday girl

birthday girl

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. You were our most planned baby so far, but still the biggest surprise. Hearing Daddy say, “We have a girl!” was one of the best moments of my life. We didn’t know how much we needed your feminine little spirit in our lives. I pray I can teach you to be better than I am – to be more patient, more self-controlled, more selfless. You’re so beautiful, so happy, so spunky, so easy-going, so vocal.

I worry sometimes with the adoption process starting when you are so little that you’ll think you were somehow not enough for us on your own. You were and you are. We love you more than you can possibly imagine, and you have an incredibly special spot in our hearts. You’ll never know our family without adoption, and I’m both happy and sad about that. I hope what comes out of it is that you’ll think of adoption as the norm, and will be a passionate orphan advocate yourself when you get bigger.  God has such a special plan for your life.

We thank Him for you every day, Princess Pie.


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