date night


We want to have date nights often, but it never ends up working out more than once every couple of months.  We’re trying hard to stick to our budget, our schedules are always crazy, and it’s hard to plan ahead and find a sitter.  We’ve talked about how we need to be more deliberate about our time together after the kids are in bed, even if we can’t get out of the house.  We don’t watch tv in the evenings anymore, so that helps; but the internet (for me) and work (for him) can suck us in if we’re not careful.

This week, I finally got our cute little sun room all set up to be a special spot for us!  We had a “date night” out there a couple of nights ago.  We fed the kids early and put them to bed, then ate our dinner out there and played a card game.  It was really fun (even though he kicked my tush at Ratuki)!  Having our own little niche in the house made it feel more like a real date, I think.

After all, we’re only going to have more kids, busier schedules, and a tighter budget, so I’m thankful we are getting into the habit now.  I think it could be a really good thing!

What do you do to reconnect with your husband/wife when you can’t get out of the house for a date?


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