We finally got a few decent pics of all five of us this weekend! Yay! We’ll need several good family pictures for our dossier to send to Ethiopia, so we’re trying to get that figured out. Our children are really hard to photograph! So, one down (a different shot from this same photo shoot), and a few more to go.

At my Ladies’ Bible Study, we’re doing the Beth Moore Fruits of the Spirit study. I’ve loved it so far! This morning, we learned about the Holy Spirit, and how the more in touch with Him we are, the more perception, discernment, and insight we have into His plan for our lives. So interesting. One of my favorite things she said was that part of spiritual maturity means ceasing to equate HARD with BAD and EASY with GOOD. She referenced Acts 20 when Paul knew that when he went to Jerusalem he would endure persecution – that didn’t mean that wasn’t where God wanted him to be. Such a good reminder.

Right now we’re praying through how and when to move to the next step in the adoption. Our emotions want to move as quickly as possible, but we’re aren’t sure what timing is best as far as finances, etc. Will you pray with us, please? We need a little of that discernment and insight that Beth Moore was talking about this morning!


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