We had a fun weekend with family and celebrations. We also get some things done around the house – pretty important, since we’re hosting a bunch of teenagers for 2 nights in just a couple of weeks! (And having a home study sometime soon!)

We finally got this little wall arrangement done in “the girls’ room,” which is so fun to say! I’ve been wanting to put the finishing touches on it for several weeks, so I’m excited it’s done!

We had another great sermon this week on Moses. It’s like our pastor’s current sermon series was written just for us – don’t you love when that happens? My husband was out of the service for a little while with a prayer group, and when he got back, I whispered, “I can’t believe you missed that! It was awesome!” He laughed and replied that he had been sitting at the back and was surprised I wasn’t texting him about it because it was so perfect!

One of the bullet points was when God tells us to move, we have to just do it, and then trust Him for a miracle. We’ve been talking so much about how we need a miracle to fund this adoption, and one of our family members put it as, “expecting God to be big.” We do trust Him for a miracle, and we do know that He’s big! But sometimes, in the back of my head, I start to try to make a Plan B. I don’t need a Plan B! I need to trust Him for a miracle! So…I’m working on doing that wholeheartedly!


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