God is working!

I have been praying that God would show so clearly that this is what He wants for us right now.  I had been plagued with a little doubt, and sometimes I have a hard time knowing if I’m hearing ME or if I’m hearing HIM.  (Other people struggle with that, right?!)  But, He’s been faithful in big and small ways.  It’s actually been pretty amazing.  I’m not sure we’re ready to share any of the stories quite yet, but we probably will at some point.  I did write them down so we don’t forget them!

Last night, we mailed our letters to friends and family about the adoption!  We got to go out to dinner alone (woo hoo!), and ended up at the post office right across the street from where we got married.  We parked before mailing them to pray, and both got a little emotional thinking about getting married right there 8 1/2 years ago and where God has brought us since then.

The kids wore their Africa shirts to church this morning, and we handed out our letters there.  It’s exciting, and also just a little vulnerable, that we’re telling people now and it isn’t just our little secret anymore.  (Although, we did find out that our oldest son announced it at church Wednesday night…including the cost of the adoption!  Hey, they could have found out at the AWAA website, I guess!  So much for keeping anything a secret!)

Here are our cuties in their shirts, enjoying this gorgeous day!


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