sportin’ some spirit

I really wanted all of us to be able to sport some cool Africa shirts, but we couldn’t really spring getting all 5 of us shirts from our shop.  So, of course, I turned to Pinterest.  🙂

I picked up a bleach pen and some cheap tee shirts for the kids.  I traced a printed out Africa with the bleach, and put a little star around where Ethiopia is.  I let the bleach set for a little bit, maybe 10 minutes, then rinsed and washed them.  The green one might need another layer of bleach, but I think the blue one turned out pretty cool.


Oddly, the orange one didn’t work at all!  I left the bleach on for about 20 minutes and…nothing.  So, I traced again with some puff paint that I already had on hand.  It’s maybe a little more girly that way, anyway.  (Don’t forget to hang-dry puff painted tees.)

Voila!  Cool, cheap, quick Africa shirts!  I want to do some applique ones for the girls (ha! my first time to say that!) at some point after I get some practice at it and figure out my ‘new’ vintage sewing machine.  But this is a fun option for the boys, for sure.

Total cost for all three – $13.41 (okay, plus tax).  My day = made!

Here’s the site where I found the instructions.


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