lots going on

We’re getting ready to send out a letter to tell our family and friends that we’re adopting!  (Are some of you here now?  Hi and welcome!!)  We hope they’ll be excited for us and will join us in prayer.  The sermon this morning was about Abraham’s blind faith (Hebrews 11:8-10 and Genesis 12:1-7), and we talked a little about how that’s how how we’re feeling right now – God said, “Go!” and even though we can’t see the whole picture, He has given us the faith and courage to “Go!”  It’s comforting to know that Abraham was a little scared and overwhelmed sometimes, too!

Some other ‘fun’ things going on – I need a root canal!  Fun times.  My mouth is not in great shape, and it may not be the only one I need.  But for now – we call a dentist in our network at 7 tomorrow morning and beg for mercy…or at least an emergency appointment.  Our regular dentist (did you catch that and wonder why I need a root canal so urgently if we have a regular dentist?) is out of network, and it was going to be a thousand dollar price difference.  Thankful for good dental care options, pain meds, and great benefits… and trying not to complain!

Another thing going on that really IS fun and exciting is that we’re starting a new Life Group at our church!  We have felt led for a couple of years to work with engaged and newlywed couples, and our desire to do that has now lined up with a demographic need, so they asked us to lead the class.  We talked with one of the young couples today, and we’re pretty excited to get going!  My husband will be a great teacher, and I’m excited about figuring out what my role will be.  Of course, we’re sad to leave our current Life Group, but we know it’s one of those life things that you just have to do sometimes.

So much going on!  The kids are great and relationally we’re doing great, so we’re just trying to tackle one thing at a time.  Thanks for checking in on us!

Monday morning edit:  Turns out I don’t need one root canal…I need four!  Well, I had one this morning, so now I still need three, in addition to some additional work.  Not only is that not my favorite way to spend a morning, it’s also not my favorite way to spend several thousand dollars, especially when I’m trying to fund an adoption!  Trying hard not to let these details bog me down.


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