application submitted!

Daddy and Baby Girl just hit "submit!"

Daddy and Baby Girl just hit “submit!”

We  submitted our application for the Ethiopia Adoption program!  Of course we’re excited and a little nervous.  We can’t wait to hear an official word back from the agency.  I was telling my husband that when I hear people joke about how we shouldn’t ask God to teach us patience, I always pray right then for patience, just sort of out of spite!  I think God was the one laughing, knowing that an international adoption was in my future – perhaps the ultimate patience-teacher.  My husband is so steadfast, I know he’ll lead our family brilliantly through this waiting period.

We’re getting a lot of encouragement already from the few people that we’ve told about the adoption.  So thankful for the family and friends who will support us on this journey.  2 Corinthians 5:7 says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”  That is what we’re doing right now!  It feels a little scary, but we have a complete sense of peace.

Fun fact – January 7th is Christmas in Ethiopia!  What a fun thing to always remember about our first one.  Melkam Gena!


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